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As Ladies of London fans know, star Caroline Fleming is the ultimate cook. No matter the occasion—from a Midsummer’s Eve party to an intimate dinner with her costars—the 41-year-old always whips up all of the delicious dishes herself.

“My love for cooking actually stemmed from childhood,” Fleming tells PEOPLE in the new issue, on stands Friday. “[I] grew up in a home with parents who just loved to eat well and loved to cook.”

“The pots were always steaming,” she adds. “I think when you grow up around a lively kitchen, it can or cannot organically become a passion, but for my whole family it’s become an extraordinary passion.” In fact, one of the first things the former baroness and model really enjoyed making was a pizza with her mother. “It was a homemade pizza with freshly baked bread with lots of toppings,” she recalls.

And although Fleming loved being in the kitchen growing up, it wasn’t until she got married that it became a true passion of hers. “When I was married, I wasn’t working and had a lot of hours in the day to pass,” explains Fleming, who was married to Rory Fleming, nephew of James Bond creator Ian Fleming, for six years. “So I really started my enormous passion for cooking.”

At the time, Fleming was living between three countries—Switzerland, Denmark and London—and her “favorite thing was buying seasonal groceries, and going home and experimenting with them.”

“The more I cooked and the more people loved it, the more I loved cooking and just continued on this,” she says.

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Fleming, who went on to write three cookbooks, is now in the process of testing recipes for her fourth—which focuses on how to cook yourself happy the Danish way—and hits shelves this September.

“It’s really a journey through what I believe has helped make Denmark the happiest country through how you spend your time with your loved ones,” she says.

And along with focusing on the traditional Danish kitchen, Fleming—who is a firm believer in “you are what you eat”—was also “very inspired” by health.

“I very much believe that you can avoid sickness through taking care of what you eat and what you put into your head,” she explains. “So it’s very much about living your life to the best of your abilities, [and it’s] also affordable and extremely enjoyable,” Fleming says of her first English language cookbook published by Jacqui Small Publishing. She adds: “This book is a real look into what can actually make you really happy.”

At home, Fleming makes meals depending on the day of the week. “My children are foodies,” the mom-of-three says. “There would be no way that I could serve them the same thing day in and day out.”

But there is one dish that typically wins her kids over. “My children particularly love a really good homemade pesto,” she says. “They love to have that with a very al dente pasta with a piece of grilled salmon or grilled chicken on the side, with some steamed broccoli with olive oil, and lemon juice and sea salt.”

And Fleming always pairs every meal with the same vegetables on the side. “We actually have avocado and cucumber with breakfast, lunch and dinner,” she says. “These are two of the world’s most alkaline ingredients, so whatever acid comes from other ingredients that you eat, these ones neutralize it.”

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Continues Fleming: “Which is, again, what I believe keeps your body in balance and helps to protect you against disease.”

Ladies of London airs Tuesdays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.