“When you’re that famous, it’s hard to go out casually so she tends to entertain a lot at home," says Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

By Hannah Chubb and Aili Nahas
February 14, 2019 03:17 PM

Kylie Jenner is a woman of many talents, and anyone who follows her on Instagram knows that cooking is one of them.

Jenner often hosts dinners at her Hidden Hills home, where she cooks for guests or gets help from her personal chef. That’s why it was so important that her kitchen be designed to accommodate both her love of cooking and the needs of her personal chef, her interior designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, tells PEOPLE.

Starting on Jenner’s home before she even became pregnant, Bullard really wanted to create a space that was fun and youthful for her, while still being practical. “She wanted to make sure that this home had all the aspects of the things that she loves and the things that she needs,” he says, noting that the star had many houses already, but this is the first house that really felt like home to her.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard/Instagram

In addition to a great home office space and glam room (which includes four closets and a converted bedroom to house her 400 designer bags), Bullard worked hard to design spaces in which she could entertain guests and host dinners.

“She has quite a lot of dinners,” Bullard says. “When you’re that famous, it’s hard to go out casually so she tends to entertain a lot at home. So, we made a really fun dining room for her and then really important was the family room that attaches to the kitchen.”

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The family room features “big custom coffee tables that have ice trays in the center” for bottles of champagne and hors d’oeuvres, he says. A bar room with billiards tables, game machines and plenty of seating is also set up for eating, drinking and entertaining.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard/Instagram

Always the heart of the home, Bullard made sure to pay special attention to the kitchen. “Kylie loves to cook so we had to make sure the kitchen was up to scratch and really enabled her to be able to cook and do the things that she loves, like making cupcakes,” he says. “And obviously, we had to make sure the kitchen was also set up for their own chef. It was really about creating a space that was able to accommodate all of her needs and have fun with her friends.”

Kylie Cosmetics is great and all, but we want to see Kylie Cupcakes next!

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