Even Ronda Rousey 'Got Her Butt Kicked' by Celebrity Trainer Ky Evans' 'Extremely Intense' Pilates Workout

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If you don’t think Pilates workouts are tough, that’s because you haven’t taken a class with celebrity trainer Ky Evans.

Evans – who appears on NBC’s fitness competition show Strong – teaches using the Lagree Method and the Megaformer machine.

“The Megaformer is a blank canvas,” Evans tells PEOPLE. “It allows me to do so many different things without putting impact on the body – there’s no impact on the back, the spine, the neck, the knees, the elbows, the shoulder. It also allows you to go into a full range of movement without [relying on] momentum, which is not truly stimulating the mind or body.”

His classes use slow movements on the Megaformer – which utilizes resistance to tone the muscles – to make big body transformations.

“My classes are extremely intense,” says Evans. “You’re going to burn between 600 to 900 calories, without ever having to run or jump. It’s all controlled and slow. When you’re resting and you’re done with the Megaformer work, because of the slow-twitch stimuli, you’re burning more fat at rest than you are with fast-twitch training like weights or Crossfit. It truly is the ultimate system.”

Ky Evans

Evans explains that Megaformer training also helps train your body for all the other athletic disciplines – which is why UFC champion Ronda Rousey was a long-time devotee of Evans’ classes.

“She got her butt kicked and loved every minute of it!” says Evans. “She loved the process of training and how it made her feel. She loved that it was low-impact, and all the core work.”

Having a strong core is essential to being a good fighter, says Evans.

“From a fighting perspective, especially in mixed martial arts, they need mobility, flexibility and a powerful core to generate punching and kicking power,” he says. “That’s my specialty – hamstring, glutes, core. So it really played into her training ideology.”

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Rousey was a fan of Evans’ group classes because they emphasize mental as well as physical strength.

“Every class starts with an idea, and the classes are choreographed to get you ready for the ultimate sport: life,” he says. “It’s moving meditation.”

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