Because there's one thing you can't get on Amazon: booze.

Kroger Wine Day Deal
Credit: Kroger

Wine lovers, get your glasses ready.

As pointed out by Delish, Kroger Wine—the online marketplace that is the first grocery retailer in America to ship wine directly to consumers—is hosting a sale next week in order to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day, which runs July 15th through 16th.

Despite selling pretty much everything else on the planet, one thing that Amazon doesn’t offer is ship-to-home alcohol. According to a representative from Kroger, Prime Day seemed like the perfect time to make consumers aware that, unlike Amazon, Kroger Wine is more than ready to ship budget-friendly libations straight to their doors.

The company is offering two codes to be used on certain online purchases on their site. Each code can be used for a different period of time, though both are valid on July 15th and 16th, during Prime Day.

Starting July 12, the first code, JULY40, will get you $40 off a 12-pack collection (nine liters of wine!), which usually ranges from $109.99 to $149.99. Doing the math, this mean you can get 12 bottles of wine for as little as $9 per bottle. The second code is ENTERTAIN15, and you get 15 percent off all white wine collections, from Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay to Moscato.

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Beyond discount wine, Amazon Prime Day is a time when everyone scrambles to score deals across the board, and this year promises to be no different, with everything from leggings to laptops going on sale.