Bell's husband, Dax Shepard, also can't get enough of the spicy sauce.

By Collier Sutter
August 14, 2017 02:18 PM
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If anyone knows how to start their mornings off strong, it’s Kristen Bell.

The Bad Moms actress, 37, told PEOPLE at the launch of Naked Juice’s #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign that in order to juggle her busy schedule, she needs brain food. “I try to get protein in the morning to start my day and since I’m vegetarian, I usually do egg whites and feta and hot sauce and avocado,” said Bell, stressing her love for the spicy condiment.

When it comes to choosing a brand of hot sauce, the co-founder of This Bar Saves Lives goes for “the hottest one I can find.” And she’s not alone in her search. Bell’s husband, Dax Shepard, shares the same affinity for hot sauce as her.

2017 #DrinkGoodDoGood Campaign Launch
Taye Diggs, Kristen Bell, CEO, The Wholesome Wave, Michel Nischan, Bobby Flay, and Tom Colicchio at the 2017 #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign launch at Little River on August 9, 2017 in New York City
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On a recent episode of First We Feast’s popular Hot Ones Challenge with Sean Evans, Shepard was tasked with eating chicken wings coated in spicy sauces 110 times hotter than a jalapeño and with increasing levels of heat. When he reached the last of the wings, he was one of the first to not only tolerate the spice level with ease, but ask for an additional wing with an extra dab of hot sauce.

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After the challenge, Shepard brought home a jar of Hot One’s house sauce for Bell and she was equally enamored. “When I tasted it, I was like, ‘This is the best hot sauce because it’s like really, really hot,'” she said.

“We eat a ton of spicy food together so I think that we’re both like numb,” Bell continued. That or “maybe my taste buds are dead,” she said with a laugh.

If Bell doesn’t start her morning with egg whites doused in the sinus-clearing condiment, she reaches for a breakfast burrito loaded with “anything and everything on it.”

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And her lunch is similar. “I like to eat what I call the garbage disposal salad, which is basically everything and anything on a bed of lettuce,” she said. “You start with a bed of lettuce and then it’s blueberries and strawberries and pine nuts and yesterday’s mashed potatoes from the steak house that your family went to.” As for her go-to dressing for the salad? You guessed it, more hot sauce.