September does not just mean the turning point between summer and fall, it also means the return of pumpkin spice

By Jennifer Calfas
September 02, 2017 10:17 AM

September does not just mean the turning point between summer and fall.

For some restaurants and coffee chains, it signals the return of pumpkin spice.

In fact, pumpkin spice will be served up in doughnut form at Krispy Kreme this September — but only for one day. On Friday, Sept. 8, Krispy Kreme will be selling Pumpkin Spice Glazed Doughnuts at participating locations in the United States and Canada.

Doughnuts will only be available while supplies last.

This short promotion isn’t the first Krispy Kreme has done recently. To honor the Great American Solar Eclipse last month, Krispy Kreme unveiled a chocolate-gazed doughnut that was available the weekend before the eclipse, which occurred Monday, Aug. 21.

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As for the fall, Krispy Kreme is just one of many companies capitalizing on the pumpkin spice craze.

Starbucks is gearing up for the release of its popular Pumpkin Spice Latte for one of its earliest releases ever. And the pumpkin spice craze extends far beyond coffee and doughnuts. Companies have sold pumpkin spice smoothies, body scrub and deodorant, among many more products, in recent years.

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