Krispy Kreme Announces 3 Fruity New Donuts for Summer

Winter may be coming to your televisions, but it's summer at Krispy Kreme

As the countdown to summer begins, Krispy Kreme is getting into the spirit with three limited edition new fruit-flavored donuts and one old favorite.

The popular eatery announced on Wednesday that they would be offering a taste of summer to donut lovers across the country, beginning with the return of its popular lemon-glazed donut.

That tangy treat will only be around for a week, beginning April 22 and running through April 28 at participating locations throughout the U.S. Our taste testers approved during its last week-long appearance: The zesty fresh lemon mixes perfectly with Krispy Kreme’s sweet, signature glaze, creating a melt-in-your mouth treat.

From there, Krispy Kreme is introducing three brand-new donuts in its fruit-inspired collection — which brings to life some of summer’s most identifiable flavors.

There’s a strawberry donut, decorated in a heart-like strawberry shape and stuffed with strawberry filling; a pineapple donut, with a tropical pineapple filling and pineapple-like design; and a key lime donut, which gives the tartness and sweetness of a key lime pie in one perfect bite.

The Fruit-inspired collection kicks off on May 6, and runs through June 16 at participating stores.

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme

Before that, donut lovers can bit into Krispy Kreme’s pretty and pastel Easter-themed donuts.

There are three filled treats to choose from among the seasonal treats, each in an iconic Easter shape: a pink-nosed bunny, a baby chick and a decorated Easter egg.

The bunny donut is stuffed with chocolate cream, dipped in icing and decorated like a bunny with chocolate and pink icing and adorable sugar ears. The chick donut comes decorated like a baby chick, dipped in yellow icing and oozing with rich cake batter. The decorated egg donut is coated in fruity flavored strawberry icing, hand-decorated like a true Easter egg, and filled with white cream.

Not a donut person? There are plenty of other treats to satisfy your sweet tooth this Easter season. Check out our list of all of the new (and returning favorite) Easter candies you’ll want in your basket this year.

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