Krispy Kreme Releases 4 New Chocolate-Flavored Donuts for a Limited Time

The new donuts will only be available through January 27.

Photo: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme wants to “help” you keep your healthy diet resolutions this year. How? By making sure you have a proper cheat meal once in a while.

Starting Monday, the donut chain will be selling a new collection of four classic donuts that have been “choco-fied.” The idea is that instead of quitting your diet all together, you should “cheat sweet” and you’ll be more likely to succeed.

A press release from the company cites that chocolate is one of the top “crave flavors,” so Krispy Kreme is hoping to satisfy that craving with their new donuts.

The Chocolate Glaze Collection will include a Chocolate Glazed Cake Batter Donut, Chocolate Glazed Raspberry Filled Donut, Double Chocolate Glazed Kreme Filled Donut and last, but most definitely not least, the Chocolate Glazed Oreo Cookies and Kreme Donut.

“If you’re dieting, occasional indulgence is one of the keys to succeeding,” Jim White, a registered dietitian and American College of Sports Medicine exercise physiologist said in the release.

“Allowing some indulgences provides a break from normal dieting without sabotaging your results. So, it’s not only OK to cheat as part of your resolution, it’s encouraged. I recommend that people treat themselves with the indulgences they crave most.”

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Should you decide to indulge on these amazing new flavors, you have to act quick as they will only be available Jan. 14 through the 27.

While you’re at it, consider joining Krispy Kreme Rewards because they’re offering another deal for the new year. By downloading the app or visiting the store’s website to join, you’ll receive one free dozen Original Glazed donuts when you buy any dozen donuts at regular price.

“If you’re taking a brief break from your diet or exercise routine, you may as well make it worth it,” Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer of the brand added. “This is worth it.”

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