Krispy Kreme Is Giving Out Free Donuts Every Day This Week for July 4th

Krispy Kreme introduced four new patriotic-themed donuts and sweet discounts in the days leading up to July 4

Krispy Kreme Fourth of July donuts
Photo: Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is sweetening your July 4th celebrations.

Starting on Monday, Krispy Kreme locations across America are offering four new red, white, and blue donuts in honor of the Fourth of July. In addition to the U.S.A.-themed treats, the donut chain is providing customers with sweet deals so fans can snag free desserts.

The "I Heart America" collection features four patriotic donuts. The heart-shaped soaring firework heart donut is filled with strawberries and kreme and is decorated with red icing and a star-shaped sugar piece. The patriotic cookies and kreme heart donut is another heart-shaped treat with cookies and kreme filling and topped with white icing and cookie pieces. The third heart-shaped donut is the stars and stripes heart which does not have any filling and is simply topped with icing and sprinkles to look like a flag. Last but not least is the star-spangled sprinkle which is an original glazed donut dipped in blue frosting and sprinkled with stars.

Each donut is available individually or as a collection in a limited-edition Fourth of July box.

But the patriotic-inspired specials don't stop there! In addition to the excitement of four new donuts, there are several discounts to pay attention to.

From June 27 through July 4, customers who wear red, white, and blue to Krispy Kreme stores will receive a free donut of their choice every day (that's up to eight donuts!). In addition, from July 1 until July 4, fans can head over to shops for a BOGO deal and get a dozen original glazed donuts for free with the purchase of any other dozen donuts.

"Now, perhaps more than ever, Americans can appreciate simple acts of celebrating together. And when it comes to the Fourth of July, it's been quite a while since we've been able to gather and celebrate our love of America in traditional ways," Krispy Kreme's chief marketing officer, Dave Skena, said in a statement.

There are plenty of other ways that the donut shop is treating customers this summer. Starting on June 21, fans can satisfy their sweet tooth with original glazed donut soft serve at select Krispy Kreme locations.

The new frozen dessert comes in three flavors — original glazed, strawberry iced sprinkled and chocolate iced — and is available in cups or waffle cones. If you prefer to sip your sweets, there are seven Krispy Kreme milkshakes to choose from: original glazed, strawberry iced sprinkled, chocolate iced, lemon filled, cookies & kreme, birthday batter and coffee & kreme.

Sadly, the soft-serve ice cream is only available at select locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Texas.

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