The kits were created by Karina Garcia, a YouTube star known as the "Queen of Slime."

By Hannah Chubb
July 09, 2019 02:27 PM
Credit: Craft City (2)

UPDATE: A representative for Craft City tells PEOPLE they have updated the price from $15 to $20 since the original publication of this article.

Forget what Mom used to tell you — playing with your food just got cool again.

If you’ve ever gone down a YouTube rabbit hole, you may have come across slime guru Karina Garcia, a 25-year-old arts and crafts fanatic with a major social media following (over nine million subscribers on YouTube!). Known as the “Queen of Slime,” Garcia has a craft kit company called Craft City, which announced Monday that it had partnered up with Kraft Heinz to release a very special new product: Make Your Own Kool-Aid Edible Slime.

Designed for slime-loving kids and adults alike, the kit allows consumers to mix, squish, roll, mold and then chow down on their sweet, gooey, Kool Aid-flavored creation. If slime-making was your favorite part of elementary school science class, an afternoon full of fun awaits you in each box.

On sale now exclusively at 2,600 CVS locations nationwide, Craft City’s Make Your Own Kool-Aid Edible Slime kit includes two slime mixes, two Kool-Aid flavor mixes (one cherry and one blue raspberry, for the best of both Kool-Aid worlds), edible confetti add-ins, gloves, a mixing bowl and a spoon—truly everything you need for an at-home slime experience. The whole kit retails for $19.99.

Afraid your slime will taste more like Play Doh than candy? Fear not, Craft City and Kraft Heinz say they worked hard in the development of the slime, ensuring that the flavors stayed true to the authentic Kool-Aid taste you know and love. Who needs a Kool-Aid Jammer when you can drizzle some goop into your mouth instead, right?

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Last year, Jell-O introduced a similar tasty slime kit of their own: Jell-O PLAY Edible Slime. The one thing that Craft City has over the Jell-O version is that the Kool-Aid slime can be stored and eaten later, whereas your Jell-O creation must be discarded after each use, not stored in the refrigerator or freezer.