There's a New Mocha Chocolate Kit Kat Flavor Hitting Shelves Permanently

Last year, Kit Kat released the Mint Dark Chocolate flavor as its first "duo" 

Kit Kat
Photo: Kit Kat

Kit Kat is unveiling yet another new candy bar after flavors like lemon, birthday cake and apple pie were released earlier this year.

This one, the Duos Mocha + Chocolate, is the second flavor in the Duos series following the success of 2019’s Mint Dark Chocolate.

The new candy bar will feature “a rich mocha flavored creme on the top and silky sweet chocolate on the bottom” in addition to the classic crunchy wafer in the middle, according to a Wednesday press release from Hershey’s.

"The expanding DUOS line is special because we can explore both flavor innovation and flavor pairings," said Kit Kat senior manager Amy Minderman. "Consumers clamor for the latest and greatest from the KIT KAT brand and we believe our newest star will not disappoint; with real coffee bits wrapped in a mocha flavored creme surrounding the undeniable KIT KAT wafer, what's not to love."

The Mocha Chocolate bars will be a permanent addition to the array of Kit Kat flavors and will be available year round. However, you may have to wait a bit to get your hands on the new combo, as they won’t be hitting shelves until November.

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In June, Hershey's released the apple pie flavored Kit Kat. This sweet addition has the same "iconic Kit Kat wafer surrounded in the delicious taste of Apple Pie," a representative said in a statement to PEOPLE at the time.

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