Check your pantry to make sure your bags aren't affected

By Georgia Slater
October 04, 2019 02:40 PM

If you’re planning on using King Arthur Flour in your next recipe, make sure you check the date of your specific bag.

The company announced a voluntary national recall Thursday of certain five-pound bags and 25-pound of its Unbleached All-Purpose Flour with specific “best used by” dates and lot codes, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

While sampling the product, the “potential presence” of E. coli O26 contamination was discovered, however, no illnesses have yet to be confirmed, King Arthur Flour said in a statement.

The five-lb. bags with the “best used by” dates and lot codes below have been recalled.


There are far fewer 25-lb. bags of flour affected by this recall, but the bags with the dates and lot codes below may be contaminated.

No other bags should be affected, the company reports.


This recall comes as an expansion of the company’s first recall on June 13.

The lot codes listed in the current recall join the additional lot codes and dates recalled in June.

As always, the FDA and CDC continue to warn consumers not to eat any raw products made with flour as the bacteria is only killed by “heat through baking, frying, sautéing or boiling products made with flour.”

Consumers with the product have been encouraged to dispose of it or may submit a claim for a refund or replacement at Link Disclaimer, or by calling our King Arthur Flour Consumer Hotline at 866-797-9178.