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Credit: Vince Flores/Startraks

Kylie Jenner better watch out — there’s a new budding food mogul in the KarJenner clan.

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian cooked a massive “#SoulfoodSunday” feast for her sister, Kylie, and her daughter, North, all while documenting the preparations on Snapchat and sharing some of her pro-tips. Kardashian made cornbread, mac and cheese, green beans with ham, collard greens and fried chicken … and to be quite honest, we’re furious we weren’t invited. North wore a princess dress — it’s kind of her thing — and even interjected, saying that her mom was “mean” for not sharing her mac and cheese recipe with everyone.

While Kardashian didn’t share any recipes, she did share some tips: Top banana pudding with crumpled up Nila wafers. Let your green beans stew for an hour to an hour and a half to get them “really soft.” And, here’s one we’re going to try A.S.A.P: Before you pour in the cornbread batter, line the pan with butter and sugar. “You guys will die,” Kardashian said after sharing the tip, and we truly almost did.

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At one point, North got a little antsy and tries to put her fingers in her mother’s mac and cheese, to which Kardashian responded: “No fingers in my food, please.” (A good rule in general.)

Jenner posted the feast to her Snapchat as well, including a shot of her plate after she finished, which only had a few bones and a few shreds of mac and cheese on it.

We stand with North in demanding that Kardashian release these recipes to the public.