See Kim Kardashian's Bare Butt Photo Turned Into a Cake Pop

Kim Kardashian Cake Pop

Sorry, Kim Kardashian, your NSFW bare backside magazine cover did not break the Internet. But, on the bright side, there is now a cake pop in your naked honor.

Lou Lou P’s Delights, a bakery in Leeds, England, created a Marzipan Kim Bum Pop and posted a photo of it on Facebook with the caption: “I’m really very, very sorry but it had to be done…didn’t it? #breaktheinternet”

The nude sweet treat’s resemblance to the reality star’s Paper magazine cover is spot on (as the Brits say), complete with the black hair in a top knot, neck full of pearls, a whittled waist and — of course — a large, shapely backside.

This isn’t Lou Lou P’s Delights’s first foray into people pops: To commemorate Titanic‘s 100th Anniversary, the bakery created some very cool-looking albeit slightly disturbing cake pops in the likeness of the ill-fated passengers on board the ship, reports the Frisky.

Out of all the memes created about the butt cover, we have to agree that this is definitely the most tasteful — pun intended.

—Morgan Gibson


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