By Ana Calderone
Updated December 01, 2020 09:27 PM
Credit: Buckner/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

It’s time to start keeping up with Kim Kardashian West … in the kitchen!

A friend of the reality star and her husband, Kanye West, tells PEOPLE, Kardashian is slowly honing in on her culinary chops — and her own cookbook is not out of the question.

“Kim is starting to cook so much more than she has in her entire life,” says the source. “She’s actually considering a cookbook, and she’s pretty serious about it. It all started with Kanye’s encouragement as he loved when she cooks him food.”

West’s love of “hearty meals” like chicken, greens and mash potatoes, has been her motivation for whipping up massive #SoulFoodSunday meals and sharing them on her Snapchat.

“[Kanye] was always saying to her ‘Baby, I need a home cooked meal,'” shares the source. “His mom cooked all the time and he says it was such a good thing. And she knows he loves when she cooks but she never cooked and didn’t know how.”

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To help her get acclimated in the kitchen, Kardashian is borrowing recipes from her family and some famous friends.

“Kanye thinks Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook is genius and really amazing,” says the source. “So Kim has been getting advice from her and Chrissy’s been showing her the ropes.”

Though her own cookbook is likely pretty far out, the star told fans on Snapchat on Sunday that she would start releasing more of her cooking tips and tricks on her app. She also shared “testimonies” from her celebrity taste-testers like Kevin Hart and Terrence J—who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the meal.

“One thing Kim is doing is testing the waters of her audience. She’s slowly posting more social media about food and seeing how her fans react,” adds the source. “It’s been great so far, people love hearing what she is cooking.”

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