Kim and Khloé Kardashian's Nutritionist Shares His Top Tips (Including What's Best to Eat at Night)

Kim and Khloe Kardashian

Nutritionist Dr. Philip Goglia has helped shape the bodies of Chris Hemsworth, Kim Kardashian West, Khloé Kardashian, Chris Evans and Cara Delevingne – and whether he’s working with an action star, reality star or model, he says his tips are generally the same.

“The goal is to reduce inflammation and look as lean as you can – with a great deal of energy,” Goglia, who has just launched his G-Plan online nutrition program, tells PEOPLE.

Here are the celebrity nutritionist’s best slim-down tips for anyone who wants to look camera-ready:

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1. No dairy.

Khloé Kardashian said she lost 11 lbs. in a month simply by cutting out dairy, and Goglia explains how this happens. “Dairy is like eating moderately hard phlegm,” he says. “It adversely affects digestion, it causes bloating and gas, it promotes inflammation, and it adversely affects oxygen utilization.”

In addition to losing weight, he says eliminating dairy can have other positive effects. “My skin also got clearer, I had more energy, and I wasn’t congested,” Kardashian told PEOPLE in January.

2. No yeast, no mold, no gluten.

“This basically means no bread,” says Goglia, who advises his clients to stay away from muffins, bagels and sandwich bread. “They are multi-ingredient starches. They are yeast, mold and gluten-bound. The starches you should choose are one-ingredient – potatoes, rice, oatmeal, oat flakes or oat puffs.”

He recommends looking at the ingredients of any starch you are considering consuming, and avoiding it if there is more than a single ingredient.

3. The biggest protein meal should be eaten at night.

This is when your body has time to rest and repair your muscle tissue. “At that point, there should be no energy source food,” says Goglia. “People don’t run a marathon after dinner. You don’t need a potato at dinner. You’re going to store it as fat, and then you’ll enflame.”

Dinner should consist of protein and vegetables, and Goglia says that fish is your best protein option.

“Fish offers up a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits and fat-burning benefits when consumed at night, but it’s got to be a fatty fish like salmon, sea bass, black cod or Arctic char,” he says.

4. Keep your water intake up.

Consume at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

“Water does two things,” explains Goglia. “Firstly, it’s responsible for moving nutrients and toxins through your system, and then more importantly as it relates to your physique, it regulates temperature. If your water is low and you can’t regulate temperature patterns, then your body will start to store fat underneath your skin to act as insulation to control your temperature.”

Goglia notes that water means water – “not sparkling water, not juice, not coffee.”

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