Kardashian may be fitness-obsessed, but that doesn't mean she's abandoned all indulgences.
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Khloé Kardashian may be fitness-obsessed, but that doesn’t mean she’s abandoned all indulgences.

On Sunday, she prepared strawberry and vanilla bean jam, posting videos and pictures of the whole process on Snapchat. First, she hulled a big colander of strawberries, then covered them in sugar and vanilla beans and let them soak for 30 minutes. Next, she simmered the whole mixture in a pot, and then poured the mixture into mason jars. But the jam still isn’t ready: “Now I have to let these jar cools, and then I refrigerate, and then by tomorrow, they should be good,” Khloé says in the last video.

Khloé isn’t the only Kardashian to post mini-cooking shows: Kim chronicled the making of her “soul food feast” on Snapchat, while Kylie Jenner started her own Cooking with Kylie show on her app.

Here are Khloé’s steps to making the perfect strawberry jam:

Khloé, a longtime Popeye’s fan, has always been a big proponent of balance, plus eating natural foods when she can.

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“I think it’s important to eat organic, but there are definitely times when I run to my local big-box store for groceries,” Khloé said on her website. “When that happens, Kourtney will straight-up look through my fridge and if she sees something that is not organic, she’ll give it away!”

On Wednesday, the lifestyle-mogul-in-training took to Snapchat to document her incredibly intense workout session, which raises the question: What can’t she do?