By peoplestaff225
Updated November 17, 2015 02:30 PM

Need a little holiday cleaning inspiration? Khloé Kardashian has got your covered.

Now that Hollywood’s Queen of Kitchen Organization has taught us everything from how to store your snacks like they’re in a museum to the art — and we do mean art — of cookie stacking, Kardashian’s latest Khlo-C-D video tackles the ever-intimidating baking cupboard.

Oh, we’re sorry: You don’t have a meticulously organized pantry in your house dedicated to all of your baking supplies? Well, Kardashian has a very good reason for clearing out cupboard space.

“I absolutely adore baking with my nieces and nephews. It’s super fun, and I love baking by myself, so what I like to do is have a cabinet to my baking essentials.”

And in true Kardashian fashion, “Everything, of course, labeled.”

For dry baking ingredients, like flour and sugar, which sit on the top shelf of the cupboard, Kardashian relies on a collection of air-tight containers: “They’re awesome and they hold all the freshness in.” The shelf below holds everything from extracts and flavorings to birthday candles and cupcake wrappers. As for cookie sheets and cake tins, they can be found right next to the oven.

“Everything makes sense in this kitchen, you guys,” Kardashian says. “The way it should be.”

But the highlight of Kardashian’s baking cupboard are her sprinkles containers, which come with their own miniature scoops to ensure that every cookie and cupcake that comes out of her kitchen is dripping in sweet embellishments.

“I know everyone’s not going to go this far,” Kardashian acknowledges. “I am going to go that far, because I’m crazy and it’s a one time purchase and I can use this for a bunch of different things later anyway. I like it, it’s my house, but I find it to be way more appealing than seeing all of the containers just shoved in the back of a cabinet.”

Plus, “How cute is this?” she asks, holding up a tiny scooper. Pretty darn cute, we have to admit.

—Julia Emmanuele