"I'm only a fat-girl chef, like I only like to make fat, comfort food," Khloé Kardashian says in a video on her website

Khloé Kardashian has already gifted her fans with her famous Thanksgiving mac and cheese recipe, and now she’s sharing exactly how to make the “mouth-watering monkey bread” she also served for the holiday.

In a video post on her website and app, Khloé takes us “behind the scenes of KoKo’s Kitchen” as she makes the delicious-looking dessert.

“I want to be a chef but I’m only a fat girl chef, like I only like to make fat, comfort food. I’m not like, a healthy chef person,” Kardashian, 31, says in the video.

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The secret to the reality star’s easy recipe is using store-bought biscuit dough, which she cuts into chunks and rolls in cinnamon sugar.

“I’m sure you can make your own biscuits but I don’t have enough time for that,” she says. “Honey, I’ve had a tough year so I’m going to cut a corner on this one and I hope it tastes just as good!”

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After dousing the dough with a mixture of margarine and brown sugar and baking, she flips the dessert onto a cake plate so the sugars trickle downwards and lets it cool. Around 10 minutes later, she carefully lifts off the bundt pan and voilá!

“This looks so f—ing good. It’s definitely not on my diet but how bomb is this?” Khloé says.

The dish served as the centerpiece for the dessert table at the famous family’s Thanksgiving, which Khloé hosted this year for the second time.

In another new video, she shows a behind-the-scenes look at their holiday table, where she asks each of her family members what they’re most thankful for.

“I’m thankful that [my brother] Rob [Kardashian] replied to my text today. I haven’t talked to him in a while,” Kylie Jenner says, sitting in between her boyfriend Tyga and her sister Kendall Jenner. “And we had a conversation, and I sent him my poem I wrote for him, and it was really good.”

“I am thankful for everyone here. And I’m thankful for the good vibes and I’m thankful for the food,” Kendall chimes in.


“I’m thankful that Lamar [Odom] liked my album,” Kim Kardashian West‘s husband Kanye West, says with a smile as Kim reveals that the couple, who recently welcomed a new son Saint, visited Khloé’s estranged husband in the hospital and that he loved Kanye’s new music.

“I’m thankful cause I wake up in the morning and I can’t wait for the day to start,” Caitlyn Jenner says while seated at the head of the table next to ex-wife Kris. “I’m thankful for everybody in this room.”


As for the hostess with the mostest, Khloé reveals she’s most thankful that the famous family is “actually able to be at the same table together” after their “crazy year.”

“Who would have thought because so much s— has happened that we would all be sitting here breaking bread together?” Khloé says.

—Aurelie Corinthios