Credit: Khloe Kardashian

Just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be any more drawers or cabinets in Khloé Kardashian‘s home for her to organize, she stuns us yet again.

After taking us through (bear with us here) her cookie jars, pantry, refrigerator, medicine cabinet, bar, baking cupboard, car, and fitness closet, the reality star has once again taken to her website to reveal…her tea drawer.

In a post titled “My Insanely Perfect Tea Drawer” (naturally), she shows off the many varieties of teas she keeps on hand for just about any occasion. Sick? Have a Throat Coat. Can’t sleep? Chamomile, obvs. On the way to the gym? Kardashian opts for green tea on ice.


Khloe with a K/

Really, though, Kardashian does it for the shock and awe factor. “I like having all these different teas on hand for my guests,” she says. “Whenever anyone comes over, they ask if I have tea and when I open the drawer, everyone’s like, ‘OMG amazing!'”

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Though she personally feels that Chamomile is “always a winner,” her visitors tend to favor the more fruit-forward blends. “The most popular ones with my guests are the peach and raspberry teas,” Kardashian says.

What will the next Khlo-C-D adventure be? We eagerly await.