Why Khloé Kardashian Says Kourtney and Kim Are 'Not Allowed' in Her Kitchen

The reality star dishes on everything that goes down inside her kitchen

Photo: Khloe Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian‘s kitchen is one of her favorite rooms in her Los Angeles home, and it’s well known she likes it extremely organized and fully stocked with booze. So what really goes down in the sprawling space?

In a new post on her app, the reality star says she loves to use the kitchen to “cook, bake and host my family and friends for meals.” If she’s tag-teaming a dinner, she’ll bring in her sister Kylie Jenner or her mom Kris.

“Kylie’s into cooking and we learn from each other. My mom is a little more set in her ways, whereas Kylie and I exchange tips,” she says. “She Snapchatted that she was cooking something recently and I was like, “OMG what did you do to make that?” She’s so cute. She and I both really enjoy cooking so I think it’s fun to do it together.”

But not every one of her family members are welcome in her culinary sanctuary. Kourtney and Kim are “not allowed,” Khloé jokes, because they’re constantly criticizing her. “They’ll say, ‘Why do you have plastic this or that? Only use glass! That’s not organic, OMG!!’ I’m like, ‘This isn’t your house! Would you go into someone’s house and critique everything?’ They literally open the cabinets just to say something. They once told me that my butter wasn’t dairy-free. What?? I didn’t even know I had to do that. It’s just crazy and stresses me out.”

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Khloé’s KitchenAid mixer is a staple on her countertops for whipping up dishes like potato soufflé. Bacon is a big no-no in her fridge — “turkey bacon only, baby!,” she says. In fact, Kardashian says that she’s never even tried pork.

And if she’s cooking for herself she’s got one dish that’s always on repeat. “I make this healthy Armenian rice pilaf with boiled edamame,” she says. “The edamame has about 15 grams of protein so I feel good, but still satisfied from my rice.”

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