The reality star gave in to one of her biggest pregnancy cravings on Thursday.

She’s almost here! Keep up with all the latest on Khloé Kardashian’s pregnancy as we count down the days until her daughter’s big arrival.

Khloé Kardashian “loves that chicken from Popeyes.”

The 33-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, who is expecting her first child — a girl — with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, gave in to one of her biggest pregnancy cravings on Thursday by indulging in a meal from the popular fast food eatery.

“I am starving! I sort of want Popeyes,” she had tweeted on the night before, explaining that she was still undecided then as to what she wanted to eat. “I’m not sure though LOL the struggle is real.”

A little less than 24-hours later, the deal was done.

“Ok that fulfilled every craving I’ve been having for Popeyes over the past couple days,” Kardashian wrote on Twitter.

“Letting the food craving build up is actually better,” she added with a laugh. “I’m so satisfied now. Yum yum! I feel guilty but GREAT.”

The reality star later clapped back at a Twitter user after they accused her of using “Kardashian perks” to have the meal delivered.

“It’s called posts mates or Uber eats,” she tweeted.

Earlier this month, she updated fans on her pregnancy diet on her app and website, writing, “I’ve been eating like a beast and I don’t like it, LOL.”

“In my second trimester, I was giving in to my cravings in moderation—but now in my third, I just don’t have the self-control I used to have,” she added. “Like it seriously all went out the window in my eighth month!”

Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian
| Credit: Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

Luckily, Kardashian — who has expressed in the past how much she misses her pre-pregnancy body — isn’t letting herself get too upset about it. “I’m not sweating it because I’ll get back on track,” the Revenge Body host wrote.

She echoed those statements in a tweet with a fan who told her on Thursday to “take advantage of it while you can.”

“Only a few weeks left where I have the excuse to eat like this lol,” Kardashian said in response.

Kardashian recently returned from a trip to Japan, where she indulged in many of the local delicacies including a bowl of noodles during her stay (with sisters Kim and Kourtney) in Kyoto. “In my element,” the mother-to-be captioned a polaroid photo shared on Instagram Story and Snapchat.

Kardashian also tweeted about her cravings back in February, wondering if her desired food combinations were a little strange.

“I feel like I need Spaghetti and I think I want a side of strawberries and whip cream LOL is this normal,” she tweeted.

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She quickly followed it up with another food craving — tweeting, “I think I change my mind LOL I just saw these pancakes on my feed and I feel like I must have them. But I want these exact pancakes” — before turning her attention to another sweet delicacy, writing, “Oh my god now I want a f—ing ice cream sandwich.”

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Back in January, Kardashian said she wanted to stick to her diet and workout plan for as long as possible.

“Whatever you do before you’re pregnant, you’re allowed to continue, and they say it leads for a better delivery,” she said. “I feel great, and I would feel horrible if I was just sitting around, overeating all day… I don’t have swollen feet, I don’t have a lot of these things because I’m staying so active right now. So, as long as I can, I want to keep that up.”