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February 28, 2017 12:36 PM

Although Valentine’s Day is long gone, Khloé Kardashian knows it’s never too late to spice things up in your relationship.

The 32-year-old reality star, who has been dating NBA star Tristan Thompson for over a year, is sharing foods on her website and app that are known to enhance one’s sex drive. While we all know oysters have a reputation for being aphrodisiacs, Kardashian names five other foods that can come in handy — and that you’re much more likely to have in your kitchen.

1. Pomegranates

Kardashian says they are packed with antioxidants, which promote increased blood flow. “That means you’ll be extra sensitive where it counts,” she writes.
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2. Honey

Not only is honey good for sweetening your tea, Kardashian says it “provides a natural surge in energy and contains an enzyme that helps regulate estrogen levels.” She adds: “The word ‘honeymoon’ actually comes from an ancient honey alcohol that newlyweds would drink.”
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3. Dark Chocolate

Most people know it’s the healthier choice compared to milk chocolate, but did you know it also increases your happiness hormone — dopamine? “Now you don’t have to feel guilty about eating dessert!” she says.
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4. Coffee

Caffeine addicts, rejoice! Not only can the boost in you heart rate be good before exercising, it’ll also get your blood flowing for other strenuous activities.
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5. Bananas

Bananas supposedly increase testosterone levels, so give this snack to your guy to whet his, um, appetite,” Kardashian writes.

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