Khloé Kardashian Reveals How She Eats Fast Food Without Breaking Her Diet

The reality star names her go-to low-cal meals at Taco Bell, McDonald's and KFC.

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Photo: Courtesy Khloe Kardashian

Khloé Kardashian has always kept it real when it comes to her diet. Though she attributes her 40 lb. weight loss to an intense workout regimen and disciplined eating, she isn’t above a fried chicken cheat day to maintain sanity. Now the reality star is spilling her secrets to eating healthy—even if you’re stuck at a fast food joint.

In a new post on her blog, Kardashian shares her “survival guide” for three major chains that are not exactly known for low-cal options: McDonald’s, KFC and Taco Bell. “Even though clean eating is my M.O., sometimes I find myself in situations where there just isn’t an avocado smoothie or quinoa salad on the menu,” she writes. “When your only options are the Golden Arches or Colonel Sanders, you don’t have to throw your whole diet out the window!”

The one common denominator in her order at each restaurant is poultry—but don’t even think about going for the breaded stuff. Oh, and no fries or soda, either. Sorry, dolls! See all of Khloé’s picks below.


What to order: Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich (360 calories)

Why?: “This sandwich is relatively low in calories and scores high on the protein scale, which should keep you feeling more full for longer.”

Taco Bell

What to order: 2 chicken soft tacos from their healthier fresco menu (350 calories)

Why?: “All the items [on the fresco menu] are flavored with super flavorful low-calorie, fat-free pico de gallo. In general, steer clear of anything smothered, supreme, wrapped in a Dorito, or XXL-sized and you’ll be just fine!”

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What to order: Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast with sweet kernel corn and green beans (310 calories)

Why?: “This combo is high in lean protein and even provides vitamins A, C and E from the veggie sides. I promise it’s still ‘finger-lickin’ good’—and at just 310 calories you won’t break the bank!”

If you find yourself ignoring Kardashian’s advice and opting for a Big Mac instead (hey, it happens), she also shared the best foods for boosting your metabolism.

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