March 22, 2016 04:46 PM


If you’re the type of person who’d rather have a pair of Nikes than Louboutins, prepare to go insane over Khloé Kardashian’s incredible (and incredibly organized) fitness closet.

The reality star, 31, is giving a tour of her athletic apparel heaven in her new Khlo-C-D video, explaining how she keeps everything in order.

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“I color coordinate every single thing,” says Kardashian. “I like to keep things in different sections so that everything has a home, I can find everything.”

The Kocktails with Khloé host has separate sections for tops (organized by color and sleeve length), leggings, hoodies and jackets, sports bras and, of course, her amazing collection of sneakers.

“This is one of my favorite rooms in my house,” she says. “Most people probably don’t have a fitness closet but you know what, I don’t have a husband so I have an extra closet!”

Kardashian says her closet actually helps keep her on track with her intense workouts.

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“This closet is my fitspo, and every time I walk by I’m motivated,” she says. “It makes me happy.”

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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