March 18, 2016 05:41 PM

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Step aside, perfectly arranged cookie jars — Khloé Kardashian just took her bordering-on-obsessive cleanliness to the next level.

In a post on her website and app, Kardashian shared more of her “Khlo-C-D” tendencies — this time focusing on her cleanliness habits, including how often she washes her sheets, towels, stove, shower and fridge, among other household items and appliances.

And to show just how much of a neat freak she is, the reality star compared her own habits to what the Internet recommends. (Spoiler alert: Hers are much more frequent.)

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“You dolls know I’m insane with keeping my house in order, but I always thought everyone else was as much of a neat freak as me!” she wrote. “I looked up what the Internet recommends and found out that maybe I’m just a little bit more fanatical about being clean than I thought.”

Just a bit. While the Internet recommends washing your sheets once a week, she does it every two days. Of course, she makes an exception when she’s traveling or hasn’t been at home recently.

She’s similarly intense about cleaning the rest of her house, washing her towels after every use and always bleaching (Internet says every 3-4 uses), cleaning her stove once a week (Internet says every six months), cleaning her shower every day and bleaching it once a week (the Internet says you only need to do the former once a month.) Her pristine fridge gets a “deep clean” once a month and her car gets washed once a week.

However, there’s one thing in her home that she hasn’t been giving a regular deep clean: her dishwasher, which you’re apparently recommended to clean every month.

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“What do you mean clean your dishwasher?” she wrote. “I’ve never heard of this! OMG. I gotta buy some stuff to clean it! I have to. It makes complete sense. I’m so mad I didn’t know this!!!”

Considering her attention to detail in every other aspect of keeping her home spotless, we’ll give this one a pass.

—Diana Pearl

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