KFC Unveils Fried Chicken-Scented Sunscreen ... and It's Just as Revolting as You'd Imagine

This is a big year for fried chicken-inspired cosmetics.

George Hamilton+Sunscreen
Photo: Courtesy KFC

This is a big year for fried chicken-inspired cosmetics.

In May, KFC came out with edible, chicken-flavored nail polish, and now the fast-food chain is trying to break into the skincare space with Colonel Sanders’ Extra Crispy Sunscreen, which smells like their fried chicken. The sunscreen is SPF 30, so it’s actually effective as a sunscreen … that is, if you can actually bring yourself to apply it to your body without gagging.

On a first come, first serve basis, KFC will give away bottles of sunscreen to those who visit ExtraCrispySunscreen.com.

We were sent a bottle in advance and can confidently report — the smell is absolutely revolting. The lotion offers the worst parts of fried chicken smell — the greasiness, the sharp saltiness — without any of the benefits of having fried chicken in front of you to eat. For the sake of science, we applied it to our arms, and while you could only really smell it if you sniffed up close, the fragrance lingers on the skin, despite repeated scrubbing.


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“That ol’ summer sun is here to make things as extra crispy as my chicken tenders,” the bottle reads. “And my sunscreen is here to keep you from getting TOO crispy. Just apply my delicious-smelling sunscreen liberally to your skin (not your food) and enjoy a little sunscreen. Keep it crispy, folks!”

Pro tip: do not apply this sunscreen liberally to your skin. You, and everyone you know, will regret it all day.

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