April 14, 2014 11:56 AM

Courtesy KFC

High-school prom: a magical evening of gowns and tuxes, limos and dancing, and deep-fried poultry on the wrist of every girl.

At least, that’s what’s on the docket for some lucky (?) chicken-loving ladies thanks to KFC, who just introduced a corsage featuring a piece of fried chicken nestled in a bed of white baby’s breath.

Is this gross? Awesome? A little from column A, a little from column B; after all, prom is about making memories, and what’s more memorable than being presented with this in front of your parents, and trying not to get chicken grease on your date’s rental tux?

It helps that KFC isn’t taking themselves too seriously, as you’ll see in this YouTube video featuring two teens, the corsage and some weirdly haunting music. Guess what happens when the guy leans in for a kiss!

KFC teamed up with Louisville florist Nanz & Kraft to make the $20 corsage, which comes with a $5 KFC giftcard so you can buy and affix your favorite chicken right before the dance.

High-school boys, get ’em while they’re hot! Or, c’mon, just go with the corsage you’ve already ordered, attach a piece of fried chicken yourself, have a good laugh and get the bonus of a crispy snack en route to the dance.

Although, it may help you snag a date: One Twitter user’s boyfriend has already gotten a “yes” out of the corsage.

Thank you @kfc for asking me to prom with a chicken corsage. #putawingonit pic.twitter.com/2ozjt2K0Fl

— Alyssa (@AlyssaEmelia) April 10, 2014

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