Double Down

If you’ve ever wanted to chow down on fried chicken, beef and pork all in one bite — well, you’re in for a caloric treat.

KFC South Korea has unveiled its latest creation: a bacon-topped beef patty sandwiched between two fried spicy chicken fillet “buns” — with barbecue and white pepper sauces, for good measure.

Since there’s no bread involved, this is the perfect meal if you’re not doing carbs (ha!). But at 750 calories, the Wall Street Journal reports, it’s not exactly diet food.

With all that meat packed into one sammie, the Zinger Double Down King is like lunch and dinner all in one — and all for less than $7.

The King is the latest offshoot of KFC’s Double Down promotion that features fried chicken fillets as buns. It began in the U.S. in 2010 and has become wildly popular around the world; fans even posted YouTube videos of themselves devouring the sandwiches when it was first introduced.

The Double Down was originally introduced as a limited-edition item, although it popped up on menus for a few weeks last April.

Last year’s remix of the bread-less sandwich was the Zinger Double Down Maxx — a hash brown, bacon and cheese in between the chicken “buns.”

Excuse us while we book our flight to South Korea (and while we’re at it, maybe a hospital stay).

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—Nancy Mattia