Double Down Dog

The fried chicken masters at KFC have done it again — but this time, with a hot dog.

KFC Philippines unveiled the Double Down Dog — a cheese-covered wiener wrapped in a fried chicken fillet (in lieu of a regular bun) — Monday at select Philippines locations, according to the chain’s Facebook.

Courtesy Derek Thompson

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Sadly, the sandwich is only available at select locations in the Philippines on Jan. 26 and 27 — and there’s no apparent plans for a U.S. release.

This Frankenstein of meats is the latest innovation in KFC’s fried-chicken-replacing-buns lineup: The original Double Down — which sandwiched two different kinds of melted cheese and “Colonel’s secret sauce” between two fried chicken fillets — was released in the U.S. for a limited time in 2010, and brought back for a few weeks last April.

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While the groundbreaking meat parfait has all but disappeared in the U.S., KFC has been busy experimenting with other variations of the sandwich abroad.

Double Down

Last October, the Colonel unveiled the Zinger Double Down King in South Korea — a bacon-topped beef patty sandwiched between two fried spicy chicken fillet “buns.” And the year before, South Koreans were blessed with the Zinger Double Down Maxx — a hash brown, bacon and cheese in between the chicken “buns.”

Can’t wait for this latest vegetarian nightmare to come stateside? We suggest packing a bag of antacids (maybe two) and booking the next flight to Manila.

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—Michael Miller