Kevin Hart: Why I Fell in Love with Fitness

Kevin Hart

For comedian Kevin Hart, staying in shape is no joke.

A self-described “full-fledged workout guy,” Hart, 35, mixes fun and fitness into everyday life, making him the perfect candidate for his new gig as the first health ambassador of Rally Health, an interactive digital platform that helps people manage their health and wellness.

“It fits my lifestyle,” Hart tells PEOPLE of the site. “I work out every day, and I take off every other Sunday.”

His 60-to-90-minute exercise sessions include “battling” with the treadmill, he says. “I’m not a big runner, but I try to make sure I put some time in on that mill. I run anywhere from 2 to 3 miles a day.”

Weight training and CrossFit are also a part of his routine, even when he’s on the road. “It’s all about prioritizing, having your day planned before it even begins. Once I get to the hotel, the first thing I do is get my workout out of the way,” says Hart, whose What Now comedy tour starts this summer.

So what spurred Hart to “fall in love with [fitness]”?

“I’m small!” the 5-foot-4-inch star says with a laugh. “I have to [be in shape]. You can’t be small and have a little frame. You’ve got to have something.”

It’s also become a way to spend time with fiancée Eniko Parrish. “She got bit by the bug. She’s in the gym just as much as I am. I love the fact that it’s something that we both love to do. It’s not a task.”

As for his diet: “I’m not a bread eater, not a big dairy guy. I’m heavy on protein,” says Hart, whose go-to staples include grilled chicken, brown rice and pineapple.

But of course he does have a few favorite splurges. “I think what definitely gets to me is buffalo wings. It’s my weakness and always has been. I’m a Philadelphia guy, so an occasional cheesesteak would do me in,” he says. “But the crazy thing is, I’ve been eating healthy for so long, I don’t have the urge for those things. I don’t get those moments where I’m like, God I gotta have it or I’m gonna kill somebody!”

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Still, not all healthy endeavors are a hit. “My fiancé had one of those teas and it had me sh***ing all day,” he jokes. “I move around too much to do those cleanses and detoxes. I gotta leave that world to those who can — I can’t partake in that.”

–Michelle Ward

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