February 17, 2016 10:16 AM

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Kerry Washington has her workouts handled.

The Scandal star, 39, works out “at least five days a week,” her trainer Juliet Kaska told PEOPLE at Vionic’s launch of the ZenFitness30 Method.

“She’s very dedicated to her workouts,” says Kaska. “Kerry has trainers in every city, so she tries to get it in multiple times a week.”

Washington does a combination of Pilates, cross-training and meditation to keep her mind and body both healthy.

“She’s someone who is very spiritually based, so we definitely do breathing work, and we incorporate all of it all the time,” says Kaska.

Washington has especially been into Pilates since giving birth to her daughter Isabelle in 2014.

“There’s something very soothing about the machinery,” says Kaska. “Pilates is so associated with breath work, and it’s a mind-body workout, similar to yoga. It combines all these things at once. Like any of us, our days are full and crazy and hectic, and hers are even more so now with a child onboard, so she’s looking for something that’s going to cover all the gamuts.”

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Kaska also works with model Karlie Kloss, who loves working out on a Pilates reformer, and in addition does mat work and exercises with light weights and resistance bands.

“She’s a delight to work with,” says Kaska. “She’s so full of life all the time. I don’t know how she does it! She jumps off a plane and squeezes in a workout in L.A., and still has a smile on her face.”

Kloss, 23, is always in good shape, so Kaska says their workouts are more focused on maintaining and fine-tuning.

“Overall, it’s just a general lengthening, strengthening workout, but when you’re getting ready for things, it’s highlighting the ‘pretty’ muscles,” she says.

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Pink also relies on the ZenFitness creator to get in her sweat sessions.

“That woman was born with great abs!” says Kaska. “All these women have such wonderful work ethics, but Pink especially works so hard, and she’s so dedicated to her body and her wellness overall. I can push her as fast as I want, as deep as I want, and as calming as I want. She really does do the full gamut of workouts.”

Kaska switches up their workouts regularly, and meets with Pink, 36, for sessions that some time last an hour and a half.

“A calm day could be mat exercises, bands, body weight, breathing, holding poses,” she says. “The high intensity stuff – we’re jumping over things, we’re lifting things, and climbing things.”

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Even though Kaska’s clients have some of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood, she says every woman she works with sometimes lacks confidence.

“They all do have body image issues,” she says. “With these women, they’re under the spotlight. I get the sob stories all the time.”

Her advice?

“I always say our body is our first temple, so love it first and foremost and treat it with love,” says Kaska. “If you’re beating yourself up on the outside, then you’re not going to do good things to treat your insides.”

Gabrielle Olya, @GabyOlya

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