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August 20, 2015 12:07 PM

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For Olympic beach volleyball superstar Kerri Walsh Jennings, supplying her three children with a healthy diet is as good as gold.

Currently in rehabilitation after sustaining two shoulder dislocations – one in May and one in July – during matches leading up to the 2016 Rio Olympics, Walsh Jennings says her injuries have actually allowed her to spend more time with her kids Joseph, 6, Sundance, 5, and Scout, 2—hanging out and cooking for her family.

“I try to live my life in a way to make my kids proud,” she tells PEOPLE. “I try to empower them to make good choices in nutrition, health, attitude and work ethic. I grew up with a family who dreamt big dreams and chased them, and I want that for my kids. We say, ‘If you have a dream, you go work hard for it and you can get there.'”

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Walsh Jennings, a partner of The National Honey Board, gave us an inside look at what she and her kids eat for each meal of the day.

“I’m a huge advocate of a big breakfast. Every morning our kids have the choice of either eggs, waffles with almond butter and honey on it, a protein shake made of greens, or oatmeal with almond butter and honey. That’s what my husband and I eat, and so do my kids. We all eat the same thing every morning.”

“The kids help us make their lunches the night before, and they got so excited about that! Almond butter and honey is a must have. We like them to get a good protein fix at lunch and any sweetness from honey-based products. I try to make sure everything is from a farmer’s market or organic.”

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“For our kids’ soccer and volleyball games we skip the donuts, the fake sugars, the processed snacks. Instead we show our kids natural options. We bring honey sticks or honey bear crackers. They really can’t get enough of the stuff, it’s amazing.”

“My husband and I aren’t the best chefs by any means, and I’m adding more recipes to my repertoire, but it’s still pretty minimal! So we basically try to eat as many whole foods as we can. Right now our go-tos are lean jerky, wild-caught fish and fresh greens.”

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—Rose Minutaglio