Finally, the closure we needed.


Remember last September when Kylie Jenner told the world she tried milk in her cereal for the first time, and that it was “life changing?” #NeverForget. Well now her sister Kendall is confirming the hard-to-believe statement.

“This is true!” Kendall said on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon after Fallon brought up Kylie’s tweet. “She our whole childhood only had dry cereal.”

She went on to say that Kylie loved Lucky Charms, but she would pick the marshmallows out instead of eating the cereal.

KarJenner matriarch Kris Jenner took the blame for Kylie’s strange cereal habits last year, telling E! News, “I let the kid eat dry cereal and I think it just kind of stuck with her.”

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Kendall continued to tell Fallon that Kylie has always been an interesting eater. “She would like wake up and for breakfast she’d have Häagen Dazs ice cream and then she would eat little things of pomegranates right after,” she said. “She was a funny girl, but now she’s with all of us with the milk thing.”

The model had a few of her own food quirks to admit as well. Kendall admitted that she hated chocolate for most of her life before recently trying a Twix bar when she was starving after an 11-hour flight.

“I’ve liked chocolate ever since,” she said. “Now I’m like obsessed.”

Earlier on The Tonight Show, Kendall participated in a Japanese game show-inspired segment called “Food Or Not Food,” where she ended up taking a big bite out of a Croc shoe and a Rubik’s Cube before eating a Mr. Potato Head doll made out of food.