Who says supermodels can't enjoy a good burger?

When the wings are away, the Angels will play!

After strutting their stuff on the catwalk in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Kendall Jenner and pals Gigi and Bella Hadid took to a Paris burger spot for a post-show meal.

Bella documented the dinner in a series of Snapchat posts, posting a photo of an empty table filled with burgers and videos of Jenner, 21, chowing down.

“Kenny is the MVP. She set up all of this so we could eat burgers tonight after the show. Come through!” Bella, 20, said as Jenner sported a leopard print coat across the table.


In another clip, Jenner is seen enjoying the burger, and apparently with no delay, as Bella declared: “Kendall, we’ve here for like three minutes.”


Bella’s older sister Gigi, 21, sat next to Jenner, sipping on a cocktail as Bella documented the evening.

The burger wasn’t all Jenner enjoyed after her second stint in the show. Soon, Bella posted a video of the supermodel eating some macaroni and cheese.


“Round two! Round two!” Bella declared.

Gigi posted a Snap of her own meal, showing the large burger along with two sauces. “Le vibes,” she wrote on the Snap.

The dinner came after a big night for the stars.

Jenner and Gigi got to don the coveted Angel wings for the show while Bella gushed about her first appearance at the famous event — and the chance to do it all with her sister.

“I can’t believe I get to experience all of this with my best friend,” Bella wrote in an Instagram photo of the pair. “I love you.

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Burgers and mac n’ cheese wasn’t all the models had in store for the night. The crew took to a local club and danced the night away, posting more Snapchat videos throughout the evening.

The 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs Dec. 5 on CBS.