June 17, 2016 08:50 AM

In the modern day American lexicon, the word “brunch” has taken on a life force that is so much more than just a combination of “breakfast” and “lunch.”

It is never-ending mimosas. It is egregiously overpriced eggs. It is, to many, a verb. I was brunching so hard I didn’t even make it home in time for Dateline‘s Sunday Night Mystery, one might say.

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Well, not anymore — at least if Kelly Ripa and Jimmy Kimmel have anything to say about it. In the exclusive clip above from Ketel One, Kimmel poses the question “Is brunch noun a verb?” to Ripa, who has a strong opinion on the subject.

“Brunch is a noun,” she says. “People do use it as a verb, but it’s a noun.” Kimmel is delighted in her response, begging: “Please, if you’re doing this, folks, stop.”

In fact, they’re feel so passionately about the subject that they even created the hashtag “#BrunchIsANoun” to spread the word. Something to consider as you Instagram that artisan brioche French toast this weekend.

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You can catch Ripa’s full “3 Ridiculous Questions” segment on Friday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Shay Spence

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