Kelly Ripa Cooks Potato Au Gratin with Son Michael and Reveals Her Biggest Thanksgiving Mishap

"Neither one of us had made this before," Kelly Ripa joked, alongside her eldest child, Michael Conseulos. "What a fun tradition!"

Kelly Ripa Cooks Potato Au Gratin with Son Michael and Reveals Her Biggest Thanksgiving Mishap

Kelly Ripa was joined by a very special guest on Tuesday's Live with Kelly and Ryan.

The Emmy-winning talk show host, 51, was joined by Michael Conseulos, her oldest son and one of three children she shares with husband Mark Consuelos.

Michael, 24, appeared on the show to cook with his mom on Live's annual Family Thanksgiving segments, which sees Ripa, co-host Ryan Seacrest, and executive producer Michael Gelman making family holiday recipes with their loved ones.

Of course, Ripa — who has been co-hosting Live since 2001 — has run out of recipes by now so she choose Crispy Hasselback Potatoes Au Gratin, a recipe she said she first read in the New York Times.

"Neither one of us had made this before," she joked. "What a fun tradition!"

"I was trying to explain to Gelman. He goes, 'It should be a family recipe.' I go, 'Hey, guess what. I've been here over two decades. We've used everything in my family that we've ever cooked ever.,' " Ripa joked. "And I've made up some pies along the way!"

"The next thing I'm going to do is get a can opener and go, 'We're going to make the old school, from my mother passed on to me, how we make cranberry sauce!' " she continued, mimicking taking a jellied cranberry sauce out of its can. "'Plop! If you want the good presentation, you slice it along the lines!' "

Though Ripa said on Tuesday that Michael might "seem perplexed" by the recipe, she explained on Monday's episode of the show that her kids have long wanted taste the dish.

"It's a creamy, cheesy potato that's thinly sliced and crispy on top that my kids for years and years have begged me to make," Ripa said. "Now they've left the house and I have time to read the Food section of the New York Times, I was like, 'I should make this. It seems like something I can do.' So we'll find out if our holiday tradition can become a thing."

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Kelly Ripa Cooks Potato Au Gratin with Son Michael and Reveals Her Biggest Thanksgiving Mishap

The pair made the recipe look easy, with Michael slicing potatoes at the same time as dodging questions from his mom about his dating life and future projects.

"Can you believe that you're getting paid to be here today?" Ripa teased her son. "Is this the greatest country or what?"

They started by taking 4-5 medium sized rustic potatoes and slicing them, with the skin on, like an accordion. Ripa even gave a hack for the job: Place chopsticks down to stop you from slicing the potatoes "all the way through."

Kelly Ripa Cooks Potato Au Gratin with Son Michael and Reveals Her Biggest Thanksgiving Mishap

Next, coat the bottom of a casserole dish with butter, place the potatoes in, and pat more butter up on top.

"You want it to basically be raised in a tub of butter," Ripa said. "Who doesn't like butter? It's Thanksgiving — we're thankful butter was created."

Salt and pepper is then added to taste ("I always say more salt is better than less salt," said Ripa), as is some thyme ("I like to pick off the little leaves and sprinkle," she added).

Then comes the good stuff. Sprinkled Parmesan cheese (⅓ cup), and shredded gruyere cheese (1 cup) on top. The casserole dish is then topped with 2 cups of heavy cream, roughly to the "⅔ level full mark" of the dish.

"You don't want it to boil over," Ripa said, before suggesting that placing a cookie sheet below could prevent anything from spilling over in the oven.

Speaking of the oven, that's where this goes next. Cook for an hour with foil over it at 400 degrees, then another 30 minutes without the foil.

"This is what comes out," Ripa said, revealing the dish. "It's cheesy, delicious... Doesn't that look good?

Kelly Ripa Cooks Potato Au Gratin with Son Michael and Reveals Her Biggest Thanksgiving Mishap

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Michael appeared to enjoy the dish, smiling widely after taking a bite.

He admitted in the segment that he's "not allowed to cook," but did laugh as his mother revealed her biggest Thanksgiving Day kitchen disaster.

"There was just one," Ripa recalled. "It was the year that I did the Martha Stewart brining of the turkey. And I put the turkey into the oven, and when it was time to — I rotated it around, because halfway through you have to rotate and then you're supposed to bath the turkey in the juice. And to me, it didn't look right, but I just assumed that it was the brine and I was a novice. I didn't realize that half of our oven had gone out, there was something wrong with the burner, and so half of the turkey was cooked and half of it wasn't cooked."

"They never knew," she added of her kids. "They were young and I always keep a spare turkey breast on half, just in case."

Live with Kelly and Ryan airs weekdays in syndication (check local listings).

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