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July 10, 2015 10:43 AM

Yoga studios, juice bars, and expansive bathrooms: These are just a few of the things that make up a celeb dream home.

While most of us won’t be installing juice bars into our apartments anytime soon, it doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice great interior design. We recently spoke with celebrity interior designer Kelly Hoppen (she’s designed for the Beckhams!), who assured us that it’s easy to recreate celebrity-inspired décor on a lesser budget. Here, she shares a few tips with PEOPLE:

1. Pay attention to color choice

Hoppen is a fan of neutrals (a classic), but if you prefer to go with what’s on trend, she’s seeing a few colors and patterns grow in popularity: rose gold, for one, and herringbone-patterned (inlaid with bronze) floors. If you want to go for an easy color change in your home, Hoppen recommends doing away with carpet and letting the wood floors show through — “a more eclectic look.”

 2. Keep comfort at the forefront

While the majority of houses Hoppen designs are meant to be luxury homes, she insists that no matter the customer, comfort must always be kept in mind. “Celebrities aren’t different from anyone else,” Hoppen says. “They want comfort and luxury. They want homes that are friendly.”

3. Have both a formal space and room for family

Oftentimes, this fusion of comfort and luxury ends up presenting itself in the variety of rooms. Hoppen suggests starting with a formal living room, and then spreading out into more personal spaces for family use. “It’s nice to have a family space that’s still sophisticated,” she says.

4. Put the kitchen first

When it comes to rooms for family, Hoppen says that among her clients, she’s seen kitchens getting bigger and bigger. Since the room has so many functions — cooking, eating, chatting, homework-doing, entertaining — the expanding size caters to that bustle.

 5. Start small

Your wallet only goes so far, but that doesn’t mean decorations have to fall by the wayside. If you’re looking to revamp a room for a smaller price, try changing up the details, rather than going for a full-blown renovation. Changing the sheets and covers on a bed, or the cushions on a couch, for example, will give the room an updated look.

 6. Don’t ignore what you want

In the end, home decor is really about personal preference, rather than copying your favorite celeb. “Every client is different and has specific needs,” Hoppen says.

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—Diana Pearl