June 29, 2016 09:02 AM

There aren’t many things worth braving the frantic Times Square crowds, but this new café devoted entirely to cereal is definitely one of them.

On July 4th, Kellogg’s is opening its first standalone eatery featuring their iconic cereals — Frosted Mini Wheats, Special K, Rice Krispies —mixed with unusual toppings like green tea powder, passion fruit jam, Pop Tart crumbles and more. All of the recipes, which can be served with milk, soy milk or soft serve, were developed by Momofuku Milk Bar‘s Christina Tosi.

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“Since I was a kid, I have always had a hilarious long standing love affair with cereal,” Tosi tells PEOPLE. “Growing up in the suburbs of Virginia my access to gourmet ingredients was limited so I learned to get really creative with every day ingredients including cereal.”

Tosi’s favorite creations for Kellogg’s NYC are the Berry Au Lait (Frosted Mini Wheats, fresh raspberries, ground coffee); the You’re Cracklin’ Me Up (Craklin’ Oat Bran, dried cranberries, white chocolate, toasted coconut); and the Life in Color (Froot Loops, lime zest, marshmallows, passion fruit jam).

“For this project in particular, I took every type of Kellogg’s cereal and would just eat it with milk at all times of the day,” she says. “From there I thought about combinations that would highlight the cereal and inspire curiosity. When I was developing all of the recipes, I wanted to be sure I was using ingredients that anybody can find in their cupboard or in their local grocery store and get creative at home.”

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The prices are higher than what you might expect for a bowl of cereal, but this is Times Square: A small bowl costs $7.50 and a large, which really feels like an extra large, costs $8.50.

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While the café opens on July 4th, we attended an early preview and tasted several of the cereals, which manage to both remind us of childhood and surprise us with unexpected flavor combinations. (Corn Pops + salt = a revelation.) You can also create your own bowl, choosing from fourteen Kellogg’s cereal and 30 add-ins.

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