"I can't believe people put this much into making a meal," Perry says while cooking.

By Jessica Fecteau
June 12, 2017 01:20 PM

Bon Appétit, baby.

As part of Katy Perry‘s weekend-long live stream to promote her new album Witness, the pop star invited chef Gordon Ramsay to teach her how to cook.

“This lesson is big for me and it’s big for you,” Ramsay says as they both walk into the kitchen to get started.

The menu featured slightly spicy meatballs bound with quinoa on a bed of zucchini noodles (made with OXO’s Good Grips Handheld Spiralizer) and tomato sauce finished with fresh basil and oregano. To make the lesson a little more interesting, a divider was put in place between Ramsay and Perry so she couldn’t see what he was doing — but only hear his instructions.

“I just need to listen,” says Perry, who is outfitted with all the kitchen gadgets she needs for the meal—including long metal tongs, a steel garlic press and handheld cheese grater. “I just need to be a listener so that I can actually truly be a great witness.”

Ramsay, who has been known to criticize home cooks, begins his direction and powers through each step, leaving Perry panicking on the other side of the wall. “Is this like a competition? What am I doing?” she says as she tries to catch up to his instructions.

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When Ramsay tells Perry to form the meatballs with seasoning, quinoa and eggs, Perry is surprised by the effort needed to make such a dish: “I can’t believe people put this much into making a meal,” she says.

As the lesson heats up (literally), Ramsay asks Perry if she’s still with him. “No, I’m not with you, Gordon Ramsay!” she quips. “No, because you have 16 stars from Michelin and I have zero!”

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After plating their final products, Ramsay tries Perry’s meatballs while Perry digs into his. While the singer takes a huge mouthful and loves it, Ramsay is a little weary about the lack of seasoning Perry used.

“You can call my meatballs bland, but never call my music bland,” Perry says.

“Never,” Ramsay affirms.

Throughout the live stream, Perry also opened up about her love life and rated her love interests, apologized to and forgave Taylor Swift and revealed several personal details about herself including past suicidal thoughts.