Katie Lee Says She Learns Something Every Time She Cooks with Bobby Flay: 'I Call Him Flavor Flay'

Photo: Credit: Nathan Perkel

Katie Lee might be a successful cookbook author and host, but she still seeks kitchen advice from time to time—and she’s lucky enough to get it from chef and fellow Food Network star Bobby Flay.

“I love cooking with Bobby because I learn something from him every time,” Lee told PEOPLE at Prego’s Farm-In-a-Jar Experience in New York City. “He’s the best at flavor. I call him Flavor Flay.”

The Beach Bites host even texts the Beat Bobby Flay star when it’s time to make her go-to summer dish: farmer’s market paella. His advice for getting the rice extra crispy? “You really have to cook it longer than you would think and really hot,” says Lee, who was promoting the new Prego Farmers’ Market line of jarred sauces.

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“Bobby’s always giving me advice for things like that,” she says. “I feel like I can ask him for business advice too. He’s been at this a long time and obviously had tremendous success, so I look to him for a lot of advice.”

Lucky for her chef colleagues, Lee also shares her valuable cooking advice, too. Chef Geoffrey Zakarian told PEOPLE that his The Kitchen co-host—who attended an intensive three-day pizza school—gave him two unusual tips on how to make the perfect pie. “She said the sauce has to be applied in a clockwise motion, and when drizzling olive oil, it should be in a backwards 6!”

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