Katie Couric Is a Master at Making Dirty Food Jokes

"The asparagus should be flaccid"

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Katie Couric, award-winning journalist, philanthropist and global anchor for Yahoo! News, has a funny side.

While on set of her online cooking show, Full Plate with Katie & John, Couric cracked herself up with more than one dirty joke about food. “Let’s take a leek,” she said during an interview with Bon Appétit as she washed the veggie. When it came time to steam her eggs for a lentil dish, she joked, “they’re easy but not too easy—like me.”

The real knee-slapper, though, is when she describes and demonstrates how you know when an asparagus is done cooking. “The asparagus should be flaccid,” she said, letting it flop over in her hand.

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When she wasn’t flexing her funny bone, Couric revealed an obsession we can all relate to: wanting to be Ina Garten‘s best friend.

“My daughters always ask me, ‘Can we go see Ina?’ because they’re obsessed with her. One day, I’m hoping that we can go to Ina’s house and she’ll teach us how to make something,” she says. “We’re not on the level of, ‘Hey, Ina, can I come over?’ We’re not that close yet, but that would be really fun.”

Hopefully when that day comes, Garten will share her sense of humor.

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