Watch Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Learn the Total Amount of Wine They've Consumed on 'Today'

The pair have had enjoyed their fair share of wine together while cohosting over the past 11 years

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb love their wine — but just how many glasses have they enjoyed on the Today show over the years?

Pulling out all the stops in honor of Gifford’s last day of hosting the show’s popular fourth hour on Friday, the two close pals faced off for a little trivia showdown.

Without wasting any time, John Cena, who made a special guest appearance to quiz the pair, asked them: “Approximately how many glasses of wine have been served on this show in 11 years?”

The three options? 2,500 glasses of wine, 5,300, and a whopping 10,800.

Hoda Kotb, John Cena and Kathie Lee Gifford. TODAY

Gifford, 65, buzzed in immediately, confidently sharing that she thought the third answer was correct.

The 41-year-old WWE star went on to share that while it “probably seems like 10,000” as the ladies’ wine is sometimes “served as a double,” that guess was too high.

Sharing her own answer, Kotb, 54, correctly guessed the paid had actually enjoyed 5,300 glasses of wine over the years.

“That’s not a lot over 11 years,” Gifford reflected.


One year before Gifford announced her plans to depart from the show, she and Kotb commemorated their 10-year anniversary on the show with a compilation video of “the good, the bad and blurry” they’ve experienced from over the years.

The clip opened with Kotb and Gifford listing off their booze-filled nicknames for the different days of the weeks.

“It’s Monday, known around here as Funday,” said Gifford. “Booze-day, Tuesday. “Wines-day, Wednesday. Thirsty Thursday. Friday, Friday!”


And while most of the shenanigans occurred mid-segment, in 2012, the women opened the show by revealing that Kotb was covered in wine. They explained that just moments before going live, a glass of wine spilled and shattered over Kotb’s lap while she was getting her mic fixed.

“Mostly, sorry you spilled the wine,” Gifford said as Kotb was brought another glass.

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At the conclusion of Friday’s emotional episode, Kotb and Gifford brought the whole Today show cast onstage for a final toast.

“I have 30 seconds to say what has taken me a lifetime to say,” Gifford said, getting emotional. “Jeremiah 29 says, ‘I know the plans I have you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a future and a hope.’ That’s not just true for me you guys. That’s true for everybody watching. Trust him. Let him love like he wants to love you, like I am loved by all of you. Thank you.”

Gifford, who first announced her departure in December, recently opened up to PEOPLE about her decision to leave the show, admitting it’s been harder than expected.

“I thought I’d stay a year and here it is 11 years later,” she said. “And in those 11 years, a lot of life has happened.”

Gifford said she realized it was time to make a change in her life after she began writing and producing Christian songs and films (her film Love Me to Death, co-starring Craig Ferguson, comes out this month).

“The work that I want to do isn’t here anymore,” she said. “I am an artist, I’m an actress, I’m a writer, I’m a songwriter, a director now. That’s the stuff that feeds my soul and I know that I’m running out of time to do those things.”

Leaving the show behind (former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager, 37, is set to step in as co-host alongside Kotb on April 8) “is bittersweet,” Gifford said, “but I fell in love with the people and I intend to take them with me wherever I go.”

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