Kate Gosselin's Children 'Insist Upon Having' This One Particular Food

Gosselin's eight children fell in love with the Australian food staple during their trip down under in 2011

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Photo: Larsen & Talbert

There’s one kitchen condiment that Kate Gosselin‘s eight children just can’t live without: Vegemite.

In a series of Instagram posts, the Kate Plus 8 star revealed that after the family took a trip down under in 2011, her kids were hooked on the thick, dark and salty spread, which has been made in Australia since 1923.

“Guess what FINALLY arrived from Australia?! Our #Vegemite!” Gosselin, 41, captioned a photo of Alexis and Aaden at the breakfast table early Friday morning.

“The kids were up early for their long awaited breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast with Vegemite and cheese! Zorro and Nanuq were very jealous and ‘begged’ for a bite but #NoCanDo pets! #Vegemite #AustralianFavoriteFoods #AlexisAndAaden #Yum,” the post continued.

Three weeks ago, the mother of eight shared a picture to Instagram of her Amazon purchases, which included Vegemite and another Aussie favorite: Tim Tam cookies (which are now available in the U.S.)!

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According to Gosselin, her daughter Alexis repeatedly asked her to order more of the yellow and red jars because the siblings “insist upon having Vegemite on toast.”

“A lasting effect from our trip to Australia in 2011! My kids insist upon having Vegemite on toast so thank God for Amazon!” she captioned the screenshot of her shopping cart.

“I’ve lost track of how many times Alexis has asked me recently to order more! I finally remembered!!” she wrote. “The Tim Tams are an extra treat I threw in … Only the original brand are worth the $! The kind we can get here in the U.S. aren’t the same! #AustraliaFavoriteFoods #BlessedToTryFoodsFromAroundTheWorld #ThankfulICanMakeMyKidsHappyWithSuchLittleThings #MissYouAussieLand.”

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And Gosselin’s kids are not the only famous faces who enjoy the Australian spread! Last July, Miley Cyrus professed her love for the brand by getting a tattoo of the jar on her arm.

Cyrus’ longtime tattoo artist Dr. Woo posted a selfie of the singer with her new body art, a tiny jar of the brown spread positioned just below the avocado on the back of her arm, captioned, “@mileycyrus don’t play when it comes to #vegemite #halfneedle.”

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