Kat Dennings

For all the happiness that unhealthy foods bring you, there isn’t a lot of nutritional value to go along with it.

It’s a tough lesson to swallow—especially because veggies and grilled fish may not go down quite as smoothly as chips and cake. But it’s one that Kat Dennings is embracing.

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The 2 Broke Girls actress posted an Instagram to mark her first day of the Fit Girls Guide’s 28 Day Jumpstart, a nearly month-long food challenge that strives to get girls fit through healthy eating. In honor of her first day, she snapped a photo of her first fit-focused meal, filled with carrots, brown rice, roasted tomatoes, hummus, among other good-for-you items.

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She writes: “To explain, I realize as I’ve grown older (28 cough cough) that I still eat like a teenager. Candy when I’m bored at work, stress eating, snacking at night, etc, and that’s completely allowed and a natural part of being a human …”

But as the actress heads into the next decade, she told her followers that she wants to “start making more of an effort to put health on the front burner as I coast into the eventual dark abyss/exciting new world of my 30s.”

Healthy eating, no matter your age, is a worthy challenge. Good luck, Kat, on the next 27 days!

—Diana Pearl