Karlie Kloss: I Eat a Cookie Before Working Out

Karlie Kloss

Supermodel Karlie Kloss may be queen of the catwalk but she also knows her way around the kitchen.

Kloss, who co-founded Karlie’s Kookies with chef and owner of Milk Bar Christina Tosi, just marked a major milestone for the brand. The line of health conscious, wheat and dairy-free cookies has donated a half-a-million meals to children through FEED, the social business founded by Lauren Bush Lauren.

In celebration of her big news, we asked Taylor Swift’s BFF the burning questions you wanted to know:

When did you fall in love with baking and do you remember the first thing you made? —Chris, Nashville
I learned by reading recipes. I was around 5 years-old and the first thing I really baked was like a Jiffy mix, which is a 99 cent cornbread mix that you essentially add water and an egg to. It’s like Easy-Bake Oven. I think that was my first real experience where I was like ‘I’m learning to read and I can make really yummy food because of it!’

You work out quite a bit, so do you have a go-to post workout snack? —Carissa, Boston
Before a workout I love a cookie! I go for one of my cookies for some energy. It’s surprising, there’s a lot of protein in the cookie because of the almonds that go into it. After a good workout, I love a good shake with almond milk and banana.

I’m always looking for new things to make. Do you have a favorite meal to cook at home? —Carolyn, Seattle
I’m pretty basic. When I cook I’m really simple and I like to use fresh ingredients and not to do much to them. I love to get fresh fish, vegetables and fruits from Whole Foods and grill. Especially during the summer, I love to use my grill.

Since you work with Christina Tosi, what’s your favorite Milk Bar dessert? —Erin, Los Angeles
The Cereal milk! It’s like a soft serve but made with milk like at the bottom of a cereal bowl. It’s genius! It’s basically the happiest memories from childhood.

I’m a sucker for cool, new cooking tools. What’s your favorite kitchen gadget? —Shawna, Providence, RI
There are two things that I love. One is my KitchenAid stand mixer. My very first first paycheck with my modeling money went to my mixer, which I still have today! It’s seen a lot of cookies in its time. The second: My mom gave me this new gadget called the Spiralizer, which I’m excited to try. It basically turns zucchini into spaghetti.

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Your job takes you all over the world, what’s your favorite dish from your travels? —Jennifer, New York City
Iceland is my favorite place I’ve ever traveled. I’ve discovered something there that I haven’t found anywhere else, called skyrr. It’s amazing. It’s like Greek yogurt but way more delicious and way more nutritious for you. It has a really high level of protein and a really low level of things you don’t want. So if you find that in New York, let me know!

How do you like to enjoy your cookies, with milk or without? —Matt, Chicago
With almond milk!

—Michelle Ward


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