By Ana Calderone
October 13, 2016 12:11 PM
justin timberlake - all touts
Credit: Source: Jacey Lambo/Twitter

Pizza on JT!

To celebrate the release of Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids, Netflix’s behind-the-scenes look at the singer’s world tour, Timberlake gave fans a cheesy surprise delivered right to their doors.

Leading up to the debut of the film on Wednesday, the pop star asked his Twitter followers to share their favorite memory from his tour. “Tweet your favorite #JT2020Tour memory w/ #TimberlakeAndChill & #YourCity,” he tweeted. “I’m gonna send some USA folks a lil [pizza] tomorrow night.”

With a little help from his band the Tennessee Kids, Timberlake certainly delivered. According to a Twitter spokesperson, a few lucky fans we’re contacted via direct message and asked for their addresses so local pizza parlors could drop off the goods.

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The pies came with a note asking Timberlake devotees to share their #TimeberlakeAndChill setup. For some that included putting on their best Wrappinville costumes, and for another it meant posing a Justin Timberlake cardboard cutout (a gift from her boyfriend) holding her prized pizza box.

One fan even went as far as asking for six extra pizzas to delivery to the homeless. “Hey @jtimberlake – thx for the [pizza]!” the user tweeted. “Used it to warm up an #Oakland homeless encampment. Now, time to #TimberlakeAndChill w/my girl.”