The people have spoken. 

By Ally Mauch
September 16, 2020 12:52 PM
Sour Patch Kids

The votes are in on the best Sour Patch Kids color.

Fans have determined that the blue Sour Patch Kids reign supreme, with the brand announcing Tuesday that “Just Blue” Sour Patch Kids will be coming to shelves soon.

“You voted, we delivered,” they wrote alongside a photo of the new product on Instagram. “Introducing Just Blue SOUR PATCH KIDS, coming soon!”

Last month, the candy company asked fans to comment on various posts that featured each color of the popular gummy candy — blue, green, yellow, orange and red. People were directed to reply with different emojis on the one they thought should win.

“If you're ride or die for blue SOUR PATCH KIDS make some noise by dropping a 💙 below and head to the link in our bio to cast your official vote,” the post for blue said, while they captioned the orange one, “Orange SOUR PATCH KIDS aren't just good, they're GREAT. If you agree, don't be shy! Drop a 🍊 in the comments and head to the link in our bio to cast your official vote."

Though the brand did not reveal when the “Just Blue” bags will be available for purchase, fans in New York City can visit the new Sour Patch Kids store in the meantime. The store opened in Manhattan in August to celebrate the brand's 35th anniversary.

"We’re excited for the Kids to bring their playful, sour-then-sweet attitude to the Big Apple and make their mark with the first-ever Sour Patch Kids store," said Danielle Freid, the company's brand manager.


"We created this new experience for our fans to engage with the Sour Patch Kids brand on a whole new level, but of course understand that these are uncertain times," he added. "With this store as our new permanent home, we want our fans to know that the Kids aren’t going anywhere. We welcome visitors to join us for a colorful, flavorful experience whenever they’re ready to explore the city again."

Since the store opened amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it has lowered its maximum capacity to allow enough room for social distancing. All visitors are also required to wear face coverings.

Anyone who cannot make the in-person visit to the store can still experience the new attraction online, where you are able to create your very own personalized Sour Patch Kid mix pack and they will ship it to you.