Julie Bowen handles the heat of the MasterChef Junior kitchen with ease.


Julie Bowen handles the heat of the MasterChef Junior kitchen quite well.

The Modern Family actress and former First Lady Michelle Obama guest star on Thursday’s episode of the Fox reality competition—and PEOPLE has a clip of Bowen taking rapid-fire questions from MCJ judges Christina Tosi and Gordon Ramsay.

Bowen, who appears on the show to watch the young contestants make dishes in honor of their moms, answers an impressive 13 random questions in less than 60 seconds. It goes like this:

Dogs or cats? “Dogs.”

Has she broken a bone? “Yes.”

Chocolate or vanilla? “Chocolate.”

Pen or pencil? “Pencil.”

Tag or hide and seek? “Tag.”

Biggest fear? “Death by fire.”

Favorite chef? “Gordon Ramsay.” As if she could have gone with anything else.

The ability to fly or breathe under water? “Breathe under water.”

Favorite color? “Purple.”

What vegetable would she be? “Zucchini.”

Favorite after-school snack? “Green apples and cheese.”

What did she want to be when she was growing up? “An actress.”

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She breezes through the questions with ease, but stuns even herself when asked who she would want to be stuck with on a deserted island with? “Ray Fiennes,” says Bowen, who has three sons with husband Scott Phillips, as she wrinkles her face in bewilderment of her own answer.

Bowen’s episode of MasterChef Junior airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.