Julia Michaels Says Boyfriend JP Saxe Is 'Not Much of a Cook' as She Partners with Campbell's

Julia Michaels rendition of Doris Troy's "Just One Look" is available now

Julia Michaels Partners with Campbells
Julia Michaels. Photo: courtesy Campbells

Though Julia Michaels doesn't consider herself a professional, she still carries the team when it comes to cooking with her boyfriend JP Saxe.

In honor of Michael's part in UMG's partnership with Campbell's, an effort to combine cooking with music premiering on Wednesday, Michaels opens up to PEOPLE about her cooking skills — and says that only on a "very rare occasion" does she cook with Saxe.

"It's a very rare occasion. JP is not much of a cook. I've also found that he's very good at a grilled cheese and that's about the extent of his cooking," Michaels, 27, says humorously. "Normally if we have friends over I'm usually super host and he hangs out with the people. He keeps them occupied while I am in the kitchen."

Julia Michaels/Instagram
Julia Michaels. Julia Michaels/Instagram

When it comes to the clean-up afterward, however, the singer-songwriter makes sure Saxe is always there to lend a hand.

"Oh, I make him help me. I'm like, OK, we can have fun together, but we're also going to do this together," the "Issues" singer says.

The collaboration between Campbell's and UMG will unveil a new marked label on its cans that include a QR code, which will unlock reimagined classic songs performed by recording artists like Michaels, paired with their favorite brand recipe.

For Michaels, this collaboration was a way for herself to get more comfortable with cooking, since she's always considered herself more of a baker.

"I thought this is really exciting because I'm really new to cooking. I've always been a bit of a baker and I've always gotten a bit overwhelmed by cooking," she says. "I like to get into cooking by listening to music. And I just think it's so fun and exciting and a good way to have a little bit less pressure on cooking while you're listening to music."

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When it came down to selecting her preferred recipe, Michaels decided to go with something that felt like home — a grilled cheese with tomato soup.

"It was the thing that my mom made me the most, because my mom was not the best cook, but it was always effective. And as I've gotten older, it's become my go-to comfort food," she says.

For her reimagined song, Michaels says she typically gravitates toward music from the '50s and '60s while cooking — so naturally, she chose "Just One Look" by Doris Troy.

julia michaels
Julia Michaels. Trae Patton/NBC/Getty

However, aside from getting more comfortable with cooking, Michaels also says that the brand brings her a feeling of nostalgia.

"It reminds me of my childhood and my mom and being comforted when I feel a little under the weather or sick and just bringing that into my life now. It's something that is still very near and dear to me. And what better way to get to cover a very wonderful classic song while doing something that I really love, which is eating a lot," says Michaels.

In honor of the partnership, Campbell's will also launch the Sounds Good Tonight Soundcloud contest on Nov. 15. Through the contest, aspiring artists will have the opportunity to partner with Campbell's and win $20,000 if they submit their own cooking-inspired anthem.

Michael's rendition of "Just One Look" is available now, and will be followed by the Peach Tree Rascals rendition of "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac, Jack Ross' rendition of "It Had to Be You," and Mickey Guyton's rendition of "Have a Little Faith in Me" by John Hiatt.

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